# Interacting with Contracts

The beacon-sdk does not provide any abstractions for contracts. The focus of Beacon is handling the connection between DApps and wallets and providing a user friendly API to interact with each other.

Taquito is a popular Typescript library for application development on the Tezos blockchain. Beacon is supported in Taquito's Wallet API, simply combining the contract abstraction of Taquito with Beacon's communicaiton layer.

Beacon v2 is supported in Taquito v7.1.0, make sure to use the latest Taquito version.

npm i @taquito/taquito
npm i @taquito/beacon-wallet

As of the time of writing, 7.1.0 is the most recent version.

The Taquito docs have a detailed documentation on how to import and use Beacon.

The following is a small example of a contract call in Taquito, loosely based on our Example DApp.

import { NetworkType } from '@airgap/beacon-sdk'
import { BeaconWallet } from '@taquito/beacon-wallet'
import { Tezos } from '@taquito/taquito'

const setup = async (): Promise<void> => {
  // Create a new BeaconWallet instance. The options will be passed to the DAppClient constructor.
  const wallet = new BeaconWallet({ name: 'Taquito DApp' })

  // Setting the wallet as the wallet provider for Taquito.

  // Specify the network on which the permissions will be requested.
  const network = {
    type: NetworkType.CUSTOM,
    name: 'MyLocalNetwork',
    rpcUrl: `http://localhost:9732/`

  // Send permission request to the connected wallet. This will either be the browser extension, or a wallet over the P2P network.
  await wallet.requestPermissions({ network })

const contractCall = async (): Promise<string> => {
  // Connect to a specific contract on the tezos blockchain.
  // Make sure the contract is deployed on the network you requested permissions for.
  const contract = await Tezos.wallet.at(
    'KT1PWx2mnDueood7fEmfbBDKx1D9BAnnXitn' // For this example, we use the TZBTC contract on mainnet.
  // Call a method on a contract. In this case, we use the transfer entrypoint.
  // Taquito will automatically check if the entrypoint exists and if we call it with the right parameters.
  // In this case the parameters are [from, to, amount].
  // This will prepare the contract call and send the request to the connected wallet.
  const result = await contract.methods
    .transfer('tz1d75oB6T4zUMexzkr5WscGktZ1Nss1JrT7', 'tz1Mj7RzPmMAqDUNFBn5t5VbXmWW4cSUAdtT', 1)

  // As soon as the operation is broadcast, you will receive the operation hash
  return result.opHash

const example = async (): Promise<void> => {
  // Set up beacon connection
  await setup()

  // Call the contract
  await contractCall()

example().catch(() => undefined)
Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 5:43:54 PM