# Introduction

Beacon is the implementation of the tzip-10 proposal, which describes an interaction standard between a wallet and a dApp.

A dApp impelementing the beacon-sdk can build up a channel and send messages over a peer to peer communication layer to a wallet. This allows for a communication for example of a mobile wallet with a desktop application. The requests of the dApp are sent to the wallet, signed and returned to the application. The beacon-sdk can also communicate to chrome extensions if compatible ones are installed.

The beacon-sdk should allow developers to integrate this functionality with minimal coding, but still be customizable to support more complex flows.

For more information on how to integrate the beacon-sdk in your DApp, read our Getting Started guide.

To get started, install the beacon-sdk from NPM:

npm install --save @airgap/beacon-sdk

# Upgrading from v1 to v2

Beacon SDK v2 introduces some some breaking changes from a developer perspective, most of the changes are internal, specifically in the communication protocol between dApps and Extensions/Wallets. All major Wallets that support Beacon (tzip-10) have been updated to support both v1 and v2 DApps.

We highly encourage developers to upgrade to v2. Besides stability improvements, the most notable new features are:

  • Support for multiple browser extensions (eg. Thanos and Spire)
  • Support for mobile, browser and desktop Wallets
  • Mobile support via Deeplinking
  • Secure and encrypted communication between DApp and Browser Extension

# DApps

# Wallets

A list of wallets with support for beacon is available here.

Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 5:43:54 PM