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This is a list of all the dApps that are using beacon and their version. If a dApp is missing, please let us know.

dApps should always use the latest beacon-sdk version for the latest features and fixes.

The most recent version of the beacon-sdk is 2.3.9.

DAppSDK VersionLast UpdatedSource Code
Quipuswap2.3.8 2021-12-03Source Code
tzcolors2.3.8 2022-01-04Source Code
tzbutton2.3.8 2021-12-03Source Code
Kolibri2.3.8 2022-01-04
Plenty2.3.8 2021-12-03
TezosSwap2.3.8 2021-12-03
youves2.3.8 2021-12-03
objkt2.3.8 2022-01-04
Tezos Domains2.3.7 โœ…2022-01-04Source Code
spicyswap.xyz2.3.7 โœ…2021-11-24
My Tezos DeFi2.3.7 โœ…2021-11-24
bunnyknights2.3.6 โœ…2021-11-10
hic et nunc2.3.5 โœ…2021-11-02Source Code
salsadao.xyz2.3.5 โœ…2021-11-10
henext2.3.5 โœ…2021-11-02
WRAP2.3.4 2021-10-18
PixelPotus2.3.4 2021-10-18
Crunchy.Network2.3.4 2021-10-11
TzKT2.3.3 2021-11-24
Freibier.io2.3.1 2021-09-10
Better Call Dev2.3.1 2021-10-18
SpaceFarm2.3.1 2021-11-24
Farm Soil2.3.1 2021-08-18
Tezos Profiles2.3.1 2021-07-27
Project Uanon2.3.1 2021-08-18
tezzardz2.3.1 2021-09-02
Tezos Mandala2.2.10 โŒ2021-07-29
Staker DAO2.2.10 โŒ2021-08-03
Sebuh.net2.2.10 โŒ2021-08-03
Bazaar Market2.2.9 โŒ2021-06-27
Kalamint2.2.9 โŒ2021-06-23
Hera2.2.6 โŒ2021-06-23
YayNay2.2.4 โŒ2021-07-04
Tacoz.cash2.2.3 โŒ2021-06-23
Dexter2.2.1 โŒ2021-06-23

Last check: 2022-01-04