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AirGap Wallet

AirGap Wallet is a mobile wallet for Android and iOS that works in conjunction with AirGap Vault.


Altme is the first universal wallet for Android and iOS that supports your decentralized identity, ID documents, cryptos and NFTs.


Autonomy is the world’s first and only digital art wallet. It gives you one easy-to-use app to securely collect, view and discover digital art you love. Autonomy works with Ethereum and Tezos and is built to support all new chains as they emerge.


Galleon is a deployment of Tezori, an open-source wallet frame-work for Tezos, supporting both software and hardware wallets in eight languages on Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability.


Spire is a browser extension and supports connection to mobile wallets like AirGap Wallet, Ledger hardware wallets as well as a local mnemonic option recommended for developers.


Temple is a web extension for your browser, easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Tezos ecosystem.


Umami is a Tezos desktop wallet that combines best-in-class features to deliver a smooth user experience for both beginner and advanced users.

Can I use all features of Beacon with all wallets?

Wallets are encouraged to support all features that Beacon offers. Please refer to the following matrix to check which features are supported in major wallets.

signRequest (RAW)❌ ***
signRequest (MICHELINE)
signRequest (TRANSACTION)

*** 05 or 03 prefixed operations only