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Subscribe To Event

In Beacon SDK, various events are emitted to signal different states and actions in the application's lifecycle.
These events provide developers with hooks to respond to changes, errors, user interactions, and other significant occurrences in the application flow.


The list below showcases all the events that are currently available for subscription.

  1. PERMISSION_REQUEST_SENT: Fired when a permission request is sent to the user.
  2. PERMISSION_REQUEST_SUCCESS: Triggered when a permission request is successfully granted by the user.
  3. PERMISSION_REQUEST_ERROR: Occurs when there is an error in the permission request process.
  4. PROOF_OF_EVENT_CHALLENGE_REQUEST_SENT: Emitted when a request for a proof of event challenge is sent.
  5. PROOF_OF_EVENT_CHALLENGE_REQUEST_SUCCESS: Triggered when a proof of event challenge request is successfully completed.
  6. PROOF_OF_EVENT_CHALLENGE_REQUEST_ERROR: Occurs when there is an error in the proof of event challenge request process.
  7. OPERATION_REQUEST_SENT: Fired when an operation request (like a transaction) is sent.
  8. OPERATION_REQUEST_SUCCESS: Triggered when an operation request is successfully processed.
  9. OPERATION_REQUEST_ERROR: Occurs when there is an error in processing an operation request.
  10. SIGN_REQUEST_SENT: Emitted when a request to sign a payload is sent.
  11. SIGN_REQUEST_SUCCESS: Triggered when a sign request is successfully completed.
  12. SIGN_REQUEST_ERROR: Occurs when there is an error in the sign request process.
  13. BROADCAST_REQUEST_SENT: Fired when a request to broadcast a transaction to the network is sent.
  14. BROADCAST_REQUEST_SUCCESS: Triggered when a broadcast request is successfully completed.
  15. BROADCAST_REQUEST_ERROR: Occurs when there is an error in the broadcast request process.
  16. ACKNOWLEDGE_RECEIVED: Emitted when an acknowledgement from the user is received.
  17. LOCAL_RATE_LIMIT_REACHED: Triggered when a local rate limit is reached.
  18. NO_PERMISSIONS: Occurs when no permissions are granted for the requested operation.
  19. ACTIVE_ACCOUNT_SET: Fired when an active account is set in the application.
  20. ACTIVE_TRANSPORT_SET: Triggered when an active transport layer is set.
  21. SHOW_PREPARE: Emitted when the UI is being prepared to show some content or process.
  22. HIDE_UI: Occurs when the UI is hidden.
  23. INVALID_ACTIVE_ACCOUNT_STATE: Fired when there's an invalid state in the active account.
  24. PAIR_INIT: Emitted at the initiation of a pairing process.
  25. PAIR_SUCCESS: Triggered when a pairing process completes successfully.
  26. CHANNEL_CLOSED: Occurs when a communication channel is closed.
  27. INTERNAL_ERROR: Fired when an internal error occurs within the SDK.
  28. UNKNOWN: Triggered for any unknown events.


Live Editor
import { BeaconEvent, DAppClient } from "@airgap/beacon-sdk";

const dAppClient = new DAppClient({
  name: "Beacon Docs",

await dAppClient.clearActiveAccount();

console.log(await dAppClient.getActiveAccount());

dAppClient.subscribeToEvent(BeaconEvent.PAIR_SUCCESS, (data) => {
  console.log(`${BeaconEvent.PAIR_SUCCESS} triggered: `, data);

await dAppClient.requestPermissions();